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Teddy Lupin and the Shrieking Shack: Ch. 3 Sept. 1, 2013

Sept 1, 2013

Teddy Lupin and his godfather, Harry Potter, stepped through the barrier into platform 9 ¾ to the sound of the Hogwarts Express smoke billowing loudly out and the clatter of voices each wishing their own family good-bye.

“Oi Teddy,” It was Teddy’s best friend and fellow Gryffindor fifth year, Orion James. Orion was a red-cheeked and skinny brown-haired boy who spent most of his time chasing after unattainable girls or getting in trouble with Teddy and their other friends. Orion was outgoing and talkative and he often flirting the line between enjoyable and annoying but Teddy and him at been almost inseparable since they were nine years old. Orion lived down the road from Teddy’s house where he lived with his grandmother.

Teddy was just about to join Orion but Harry gently grabbed Teddy by the shoulder and guided him behind one of the pillars.
“What’s up?” Teddy asked his godfather as he bent down slightly to be at eye level with Teddy’s handsome but skinny and angular face. Harry pulled something out of his pocket and placed it into Teddy’s hands.

“This is something I been meaning to give you, it belonged to both our fathers.” Harry explained Teddy looked at the thing is hands only to realize it was an old tattered looking piece of parchment. “I know it doesn’t look like, well anything, but it’s a map. A map of what that is for you to find out, it will reveal itself to you by simply saying these words while pointing your wand at it ‘I solemnly swear that I am up to no good’.” Teddy rolled the paper in his hands and looked back up at Harry still very confused. It wasn’t unlike Harry to do something like this; one of the perks of having a young Auror godfather was that he tended to give Teddy a certain amount of leniency with rules and discipline but never so much as to hand him a piece paper where he had to swear disobedience to simply use it. Some of this must have obviously shown on his face because of what Harry said next, “I hope you won’t be, but I won’t lie and say whenever I used it wasn’t but we all can’t be taking down the darkest wizard of all time, now can we?” Harry winked at him as he said this, “The reason I’m giving this to you Ted is because it was passed down to me and it is only right that it would go to you and you happen to know the what you should and should not do, but nevertheless this is yours now.” One of the first warning sirens went off on the train and Harry stood back up again and grabbed some of Teddy’s belongings. “Now let’s get going.”

Harry and Teddy came to close to the train and Harry handed the rest of Teddy’s things to him and patted him on the shoulder. “Alright get going mate.” Teddy took his stuff and went to go join Orion who was waiting for him to enter the train, but Harry had one last thing to say, “Oh Teddy, because you will be wondering in the future your father is Moony.” Teddy was now more confused than ever but, “Now get going Ted, you don’t want to miss the train. Oh look there’s Bill and Fleur.”

Harry drifted over to his red-headed brother-in-law and beautiful sister-in-law. They were standing with the extremely pretty daughter, Victorie, who smiled bashfully at Teddy, whose heart started to beat faster and he was sure that had nothing to do with the mysterious and magical map in his hands.

“What was that all about?” Orion asked as Teddy finally joined him.

“Tell you later,” Teddy muttered stuffing the parchment in his pocket.

“Oi hold on,” a hand forced itself into the compartment just as Orion was about to shut the door. Teddy held his breath anxious waiting to see who the hand belonged to but it was revealed to be his other best friend, Archimedes.

Archimedes, known as Archie by all except his parents, was a Ravenclaw but he didn’t look like the typical bookish and brainy type. Archie was broad and muscular in stark contrast to the rather skinny Orion and Teddy. Archie was the beater of the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team this was only worth mentioning because he whacks with the Bludger had sent a school record of twenty players to the Hospital Wing, with mild to serious injuries. The only real time Archie spent outside the Quidditch Pitch or with Teddy and Orion was holed up in library hunched over the most ancient looking volume he could find.

Archie murmured signs of greetings to his friends and managed to sit down against the window. Orion was just about to close the door but this time a more slender and distinctly feminine hand jabbed its way in. Teddy’s breathing was momentarily stopped but it was revealed to be Syd. Syd (real name Sydney) was a Muggle born Gryffindor fifth year who had recently become a member of their gang, due to her spirited and adventurous attitude and Orion’s (although he denied it vehemently to everyone [but Teddy]) crush on her.

Syd walked across the compartment and plopped herself next to Archie so she was facing Teddy. “What’s up with you? You look like that time we caught Filch and Madam Pince snogging in that deserted classroom.” There was a collective shutter between all of them but it was Orion who spoke first as he went to go sit next to Teddy.

“He is trying to keep away from Annie.” Teddy punched Orion in the shoulder hard, “Ow! Whatcha do that for?!”

“You don’t need to tell the whole school,” Teddy said grumpily.

“What? You think I’m going to tell her,” Syd said half-laughing, “Yeah that’s likely, because believe it or not Ted, I don’t like to hang around with people whose laugh sounds like a dying hyena mating with a dolphin.” She then did a cruel but very accurate impression of Annie’s laugh that sent them all into laughter, although Teddy thought that Orion laughed a little more than the situation required. Once the laughter subsided Syd spoke again, “I’m a little confused isn’t she girlfriend?”

“Technically, yes,” Teddy admitted reluctantly. It was true that Annie had been his girlfriend since the last part of their fourth year after his previous girlfriend Monica had dumped him. Annie at the onset of their relationship had been fun, cute and very cute. Once Teddy and her spent more and more time together he realized that he would never care who was on the cover of Witch Weekly every single week or want constantly being pressed by Annie and her equally “girly” friends about his famous godfather. But she could hardly still count as his girlfriend as Teddy had spent most of the previous summer ignoring her owls and the one time she shown up at his house he got his grandmother to lie and say he was over Orion’s with Archie. Archie and Orion explained as much to Sydney as Teddy quietly contemplating the best way to break up with his quasi-girlfriend.

The train rolled on for a while with the four friends laughing and joking but soon the topic turned to what Orion had been waiting to talk about since they stepped into the empty compartment and Teddy knew it was coming because of the expression that Orion wore that Teddy knew all too well.

“So what was it that Harry gave you on the platform?” Orion said grinning, his stupid but still lovable (in a way) grin.

“What!” Syd exclaimed.

“Why didn’t you say something?!” Archie exclaimed looking from Orion and Teddy waiting for an answer.

“I don’t even know if it is anything … really” Teddy said his voice trailing off.

“Sure, if my world-famous, rich, talented, Auror godfather who defeated the greatest dark wizard of all time gave me something it probably wouldn’t be anything either.” Syd said bitingly sarcastic. “Come on show us.”

It was rather anti-climatic Teddy thought as he pulled out the old ratted piece of parchment and presented it to his friends. They all stared it open-mouthed stealing several glances at Teddy as if to ask ‘This is it?’. Teddy grinning quietly to himself over his friend’s dumbstruck look and hoped it would work as he took out his wand and placed it firmly on the page.

“I solemnly swear I am up to no good.”

At first nothing occurred but slowly curly old-time looking green words scrawled across the page.

Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs Purveyors of Aids to Magical Mischief-Makers are proud to present
The Marauder’s Map

Teddy mouthed the word “Moony”, awestruck but quickly those words faded away to reveal the most amazing thing Teddy Lupin and his young group of friends had ever seen.

“Is that what I think?”

“Bloody Hell,”

“Can you imagine?”

“Is that McGonagall?”

A fully detailed and almost living map of the entire castle of Hogwarts had materialized before them. It was detailed with every room imaginable, some of which Teddy and his friends had never imagined existed. The most awe-inspiring of the map was the tiny labeled moving dots that obviously everyone in the castle and their movements. As Teddy inspected the map further his friends jabbed in their hands into his viewpoint drawing to specific aspects.

“There’s Flitwick down in the Great Hall with the rest of them they must be getting ready for the feast.”

“And Neville’s going downstairs to meet the first years, are we really that close?”
There was low screech of the end of the compartment and a slender hand had opened the door and the owner was stepping inside. She was a tall and attractive brunette whose shiny hair draped over her shoulders and framed her face that was heavily decorated with make-up. She stared directly at Teddy, who had just seconds before stuffed the map in his pants pocket.

“Teddy, can we talk,” Annie said in a serious tone that was quite unusual for the giddy and perky Hufflepuff.

There was deathly and awkward silence as Teddy got up from his seat and joined her in the hall.

Teddy Lupin and the Shrieking Shack: Ch. 2 14 Years Later

14 years later
Teddy Lupin was now fourteen at his fifth year at Hogwarts, but Teddy Lupin was not at Hogwarts. It was Easter Break and Teddy was over the Potter’s house, but it was not a pleasant and leisurely visit, as almost of all his visits were at the Potter’s, Teddy had something to ask of his godfather Harry Potter and he was determined to get his answer.

Teddy was in such a rush to go to Harry’s office, where he knew he must be, that he almost ran into the very elderly Kreacher and his young daughter Locket. Kreacher was very sternly reprimanding his daughter for not cleaning a particular spot of the floor correctly.

“This is right outside Master Harry’s study, it must be spotless!”

“Yes father,” the young elf squeaked hanging her head in shame.

“I’m perfectly fine with the floor, thanks Kreacher. In fact I like a little bit of clutter and mess it makes things a lot more interesting, which I find to be a bit hard to find in my line of work.” Harry Potter had just stuck his head out the door to look down and his two small house elves. “In fact, Locket why don’t you take the rest of the day off and that is an order Kreacher.”

“Thank you Master Harry,” squeaked the small house elf as she scurried away from her father’s sight.

“You much too soft on her, Master Harry,” Kreacher remarked, “You know how it is with these children.”

Harry chuckled softly “Yes Kreacher I do … Oh … hullo Teddy.” Harry had finally looked up at seen Teddy standing there, Harry looked at him and furrowed his eyebrows. “You want to come in don’t you?”

Teddy surprised by Harry’s reaction nodded dumbly. Harry opened the door and ushered his godson inside. Ron Weasley was standing looking at the desk in the center of the room searching through the papers on it. He looked up when Teddy and Harry entered. “Hullo Ted. Harry I think I found something,” He said, significantly pointing at something on one of the papers. Harry crossed the room to look at it but Teddy spoke next.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” It was a lot louder than he thought it was going to be and a lot angrier too.

Harry and Ron must have been just as shocked as Teddy to hear this because they both looked up from their work. “About what?” Ron asked puzzlement etched in every line of his face.

“My f-father,” Teddy stammered “What he i-is or was…” Ron nodded understanding but Harry was the one who spoke.

“You figured it out then?”

“What? Yeah, I mean – What?” Teddy was confused. What was Harry getting at? How did he realize…

“Sit down Teddy and tell us how you figured it out.”


“Teddy, please just do it, we are curious.”

“Sure,” Teddy lowered himself into the arm chair in front of the desk, still uncertain and began to talk.

Teddy Lupin and the Shrieking Shack: Prologue

Not long after the fateful battle at Hogwarts it was decided that the boy would never be told of his true lineage. It was not only for the boy’s safety but for the shame that being a half werewolf can bring. Everyone was agreed except one; Harry Potter sat in the corner arms crossed, face sullen with fading battle scars from his recent ordeal slightly marring his appearance.

“Harry, dear,” Mrs. Weasley had rested her hand onto Harry’s knee and searched his face. “Are you feeling alright?” Harry smiled begrudgingly and nodded.

“You don’t agree, do you?” It was Mr. Weasley this time. Harry looked around the room at all the faces that were now staring at him, Bill and Fleur sitting in nearby chairs, Mrs. Weasley sting right next to him, Mr. Weasley across the room, Kingsley Shacklebolt, who was looking intently at Harry, but Harry was only really looking at one person in particular. Andromeda Tonks wore the look of the woman who had suffered a great deal of personal turmoil and anguish in short time, Harry had been dreading this but he took a deep breath.

“No.” The room was quiet except for one singular voice.

“Why?” Andromeda was giving him a blazing and defiant look.

“I don’t think it is right to hide who Teddy is just because –“

“Harry, you don’t understand what is like for a werewolf.” Bill replied, “They way they are treated and persecuted.”

“I’m perfectly capable of understanding, thanks Bill.” Harry muttered through gritted teeth.

“We don’t think you do Harry, all of Voldemort’s supporters aren’t tracked down and there is a chance we may never get them all so Teddy is still at risk while they are at large. Furthermore the scorn Teddy will treated with, if his heritage is made widely known won’t be slight, prejudices just don’t disappear, even among those who were not on the Death Eater’s side. There is a reason Remus was never able to hold down a job. Why do you think most werewolves have to live underground?” Kingsley Shacklebolt explained in his booming voice.

“Yeah, because he was a werewolf, I know, but Teddy isn’t,” Harry said slightly frustrated.

“Harry, we just fought a war against people who wanted to oppress and kill wizards simply because their parents were Muggles. What do you think will happen to Teddy if someone finds out that his father was someone who is viewed as extremely dangerous, unstable and untrustworthy?”

“That is the point though isn’t it?” Harry said his voice rising, “Voldemort is defeated and even if there our still death eaters left why should be afraid and ashamed.”

“How dare you,” Andromeda, who remained ghostly silent up until that point, had risen to her feet and it was clear that her emotions which had been bubbling up until that point were finally ready to explode. “How dare you suggest that that I am ashamed of my grandson! My husband, my daughter and my son-in-law all died in this war, don’t imply I don’t know at what cost!” There was a baby’s cry in the next room and Andromeda crossed the room to go tend to her grandson


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