Friday, April 17, 2009

Teddy Lupin and the Shrieking Shack: Ch. 2 14 Years Later

14 years later
Teddy Lupin was now fourteen at his fifth year at Hogwarts, but Teddy Lupin was not at Hogwarts. It was Easter Break and Teddy was over the Potter’s house, but it was not a pleasant and leisurely visit, as almost of all his visits were at the Potter’s, Teddy had something to ask of his godfather Harry Potter and he was determined to get his answer.

Teddy was in such a rush to go to Harry’s office, where he knew he must be, that he almost ran into the very elderly Kreacher and his young daughter Locket. Kreacher was very sternly reprimanding his daughter for not cleaning a particular spot of the floor correctly.

“This is right outside Master Harry’s study, it must be spotless!”

“Yes father,” the young elf squeaked hanging her head in shame.

“I’m perfectly fine with the floor, thanks Kreacher. In fact I like a little bit of clutter and mess it makes things a lot more interesting, which I find to be a bit hard to find in my line of work.” Harry Potter had just stuck his head out the door to look down and his two small house elves. “In fact, Locket why don’t you take the rest of the day off and that is an order Kreacher.”

“Thank you Master Harry,” squeaked the small house elf as she scurried away from her father’s sight.

“You much too soft on her, Master Harry,” Kreacher remarked, “You know how it is with these children.”

Harry chuckled softly “Yes Kreacher I do … Oh … hullo Teddy.” Harry had finally looked up at seen Teddy standing there, Harry looked at him and furrowed his eyebrows. “You want to come in don’t you?”

Teddy surprised by Harry’s reaction nodded dumbly. Harry opened the door and ushered his godson inside. Ron Weasley was standing looking at the desk in the center of the room searching through the papers on it. He looked up when Teddy and Harry entered. “Hullo Ted. Harry I think I found something,” He said, significantly pointing at something on one of the papers. Harry crossed the room to look at it but Teddy spoke next.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” It was a lot louder than he thought it was going to be and a lot angrier too.

Harry and Ron must have been just as shocked as Teddy to hear this because they both looked up from their work. “About what?” Ron asked puzzlement etched in every line of his face.

“My f-father,” Teddy stammered “What he i-is or was…” Ron nodded understanding but Harry was the one who spoke.

“You figured it out then?”

“What? Yeah, I mean – What?” Teddy was confused. What was Harry getting at? How did he realize…

“Sit down Teddy and tell us how you figured it out.”


“Teddy, please just do it, we are curious.”

“Sure,” Teddy lowered himself into the arm chair in front of the desk, still uncertain and began to talk.

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