Friday, April 17, 2009

Teddy Lupin and the Shrieking Shack: Prologue

Not long after the fateful battle at Hogwarts it was decided that the boy would never be told of his true lineage. It was not only for the boy’s safety but for the shame that being a half werewolf can bring. Everyone was agreed except one; Harry Potter sat in the corner arms crossed, face sullen with fading battle scars from his recent ordeal slightly marring his appearance.

“Harry, dear,” Mrs. Weasley had rested her hand onto Harry’s knee and searched his face. “Are you feeling alright?” Harry smiled begrudgingly and nodded.

“You don’t agree, do you?” It was Mr. Weasley this time. Harry looked around the room at all the faces that were now staring at him, Bill and Fleur sitting in nearby chairs, Mrs. Weasley sting right next to him, Mr. Weasley across the room, Kingsley Shacklebolt, who was looking intently at Harry, but Harry was only really looking at one person in particular. Andromeda Tonks wore the look of the woman who had suffered a great deal of personal turmoil and anguish in short time, Harry had been dreading this but he took a deep breath.

“No.” The room was quiet except for one singular voice.

“Why?” Andromeda was giving him a blazing and defiant look.

“I don’t think it is right to hide who Teddy is just because –“

“Harry, you don’t understand what is like for a werewolf.” Bill replied, “They way they are treated and persecuted.”

“I’m perfectly capable of understanding, thanks Bill.” Harry muttered through gritted teeth.

“We don’t think you do Harry, all of Voldemort’s supporters aren’t tracked down and there is a chance we may never get them all so Teddy is still at risk while they are at large. Furthermore the scorn Teddy will treated with, if his heritage is made widely known won’t be slight, prejudices just don’t disappear, even among those who were not on the Death Eater’s side. There is a reason Remus was never able to hold down a job. Why do you think most werewolves have to live underground?” Kingsley Shacklebolt explained in his booming voice.

“Yeah, because he was a werewolf, I know, but Teddy isn’t,” Harry said slightly frustrated.

“Harry, we just fought a war against people who wanted to oppress and kill wizards simply because their parents were Muggles. What do you think will happen to Teddy if someone finds out that his father was someone who is viewed as extremely dangerous, unstable and untrustworthy?”

“That is the point though isn’t it?” Harry said his voice rising, “Voldemort is defeated and even if there our still death eaters left why should be afraid and ashamed.”

“How dare you,” Andromeda, who remained ghostly silent up until that point, had risen to her feet and it was clear that her emotions which had been bubbling up until that point were finally ready to explode. “How dare you suggest that that I am ashamed of my grandson! My husband, my daughter and my son-in-law all died in this war, don’t imply I don’t know at what cost!” There was a baby’s cry in the next room and Andromeda crossed the room to go tend to her grandson

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